Teeth Whitening

White is generally perceived as the ideal colour of healthy teeth. However, everyday influences and common habits tend to stain our teeth. The strongest factors affecting our tooth colour include coffee, chocolate, sweet drinks and red wine, cigarettes, but also soy sauce and blueberries, for example. In our clinic, we use the latest non-invasive technologies to bring back the natural colour of your teeth.

The Pure Whitening method is one of the most effective and gentle methods for teeth whitening in dental practice. The method uses tailor-made transparent splints to which the client applies a special bleaching gel.

The splint should be filled with the gel and then put on the teeth. It is a combined bleaching, i.e. the clients will apply the gel for 14 days by themselves and the day 15 is set for finishing the process in the doctor’s office. The splints should be worn several hours a day, preferably during bed time. The result is a long lasting white smile.

When is it necessary to skip tooth whitening

Our specialist will advise you whether teeth whitening is the right solution for you. However, in the following cases, the procedure is risky and bleaching is not recommended.

  1. You have paradontitis/periodontitis/exposed tooth necks
  2. You have high tooth decay
  3. You are a heavy smoker
  4. You have many fillers, crowns and bridges
  5. You are pregnant or breast-feeding
  6. You are younger than 18-year-old


Teeth Whitening and Sensitive Teeth

Some patients have experienced increased tooth sensitivity during the teeth whitening. However, it is only a temporary state. Pure Whitening Gel contains no preservatives, stabilizers and substances promoting increased sensitivity.


What are you most frequent questions

The price of the teeth whitening is fixed. For more information about the price, visit the Price List page.

With teeth whitening, we can change the shade only of the teeth alive, i.e. our own teeth. It is not possible to change the colour of prosthetic restorations - crowns, bridges or implants. The solution is individual. In many cases, the colour difference is not visible. In some cases, however, the implant or crown must be remodelled. Our expert will best advise you personally. If you are interested in teeth whitening or consultation regarding the state, do not hesitate and book an appointment.

Whitening does not damage your teeth or enamel, it is safe. The materials we use are safe, approved and fully certified.

The whitening procedure can be done at most once a year. In-house bleached teeth should preserve this new colour for about 3 to 5 years. However, your teeth will never return to the original colour shade. The durability of the performance also depends on dental hygiene, home care, or even your eating habits.


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