Preventive examination

Preventivna prehliadka aspon raz do roka

Prevention is the basis

Your preventive dental check-up is a s simple activity which is saving your time and money. Mouth is an entrance for all the bacteria from the outside can can flow into your body. Correct dental care including regular preventive visits to your dentist, proper dental hygiene done professionally in combination with your home dental hygiene can prevent you from health problems of your mouth and overall body.


How often shoud I have a preventive exam

Preventive exam is painless as it does not include any medical intervention. Frequency of visits to your dentist depends on your age, mouth and teeth status. We recommend this exam at least once a year to keep your teeth healthy. 

Dentists recommendation is to undergo a preventive check-up once year if you are an adult patient. There is an exception for those patients with worse or complicated situation of the mouth to come for a preventive visit twice a year.  Similar exception stands for the pregnant women, they should see the dentist twice a pregnancy time - at the beginning and towards the end of the pregnancy.  Regular visits should be certain for children and teens starting from the early childhood, when first teeth come out. Our diet varies and many articles of food and many drinks can cause slow invisible decay. By regular preventive exams your teeth can remain healthy for the lifetime. 


Your frequent questions

Preventive exam of your child has a great importance. The dentist checks not only the teeth and mouth status, but also jaw development. In case of need your dentist will recommend a special visit to and orthodontist - an orthodontic treatment can help your child with correct development of the jaws and teeth at an early stage.  The role of the dentist is also in motivating your child towards a proper dental care and also towards a friendly relationship with the dentist. The way you start looking after baby teeth is the way it continues further - if deciduous teeth are not treated on time, problems can be conveyed into permanent teeth. One of the solutions how to keep children's teeth healthy is the teeth sealing in order to protect teeth surface from bacteria.   

The dental hygiene is a set of steps which lead to prevention from the tooth plaque, stone or decay. Together with the preventive exam you should go for once a year these painless treatments will keep your mouth and teeth healthy and clean.  Precise diagnostics is what makes the difference - this way we can stop the decay at an early stage. Professional dental hygiene should be done twice a year by your dental hygienist. 


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