Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the most frequent treatments preformed by dentists. This treatment is applied when cavities reach the nerve and begin to erode its structure. The nerve is defenceless and dies under the long-term effect of the bacterial toxins from cavities. Without treatment the bacteria spreads through the rot canal, damaging the surrounding tissue and may have adverse effects on the overall health of the patients thanks to a blood-borne infection. Early removal of the dead tissue and successful treatment of the root canals can preserve the tooth and the dentist avoids having extract the tooth.

By hand, but also with the use of mechanical devices, thin root instruments are used to slowly and carefully widen the root canals to desired size. Root canal lavage removes the dead bacteria and the damaged tissue from the root canal. The quality of the treatment is increased by the use of a rubber dental dam (Kofferdam) in the patient’s mouth – enabling the physician to achieve a better view of the area and protecting the patient from the infection spreading the infection in the oral cavity. A laser improves the efficiency of the treatment. A special probe is used to direct the laser beam into the root canal to destroy any bacteria that may be present.

At SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC, the entire root canal treatment is recorded using a radiovisiography device - RVG technology, and the image is shown on the screen beside the dental chair – allowing the dentist direct control improving the quality of the treatment. Finally, the root canal is filled using a filler material.


Since a tooth treated by the root canal procedure does not have the same nutrition as before, gradually it becomes fragile and prone to fracture. This is accompanied by a visible darkening of the surface structure. This is why the professionals at SCHILL DENTAL CLINIC recommend an alternative to standard tooth filling. A quality ceramic crown will increase the stability of the tooth and resolve the aesthetic problem as well.


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