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What is a dental replacement

Dental replacements are an important help in those cases when part of the tooth is damaged or when a complete tooth cannot be saved or went missing for any reason. The tooth replacement must be both functional and aesthetic. As we say - there is nothing better than your own teeth. Fortunately nowadays there are several options for replacements of parts or whole teeth in case of need.

All the replacements are individually made in our laboratory with high precision. The result has to fit and look good and you must feel comfortable and confident having new teeth. We bare in mind that this improves quality of your life, therefore we are choosing top quality materials to deliver the best possible result. 

Possibilities of dental replacements

There are several options for solving a problem with missing teeth. Our specialist will explain what is possible and together you will choose which option is best for you based on your health status and your wishes. We can solve also complicated situations and we will make sure that you will not be without teeth. Technologies make our work faster so times when you have to walk away without teeth are the past. 

Crowns replace the original part, meaning the visible part of the tooth. They are used when a big part of the tooth is damaged. The CEREC system is a revolutionary system creating the dental crown very fast, within one visit. The color of the crown is exactly the same as your original tooth. The result of this ceramic reconstruction process is durable, good looking and functional. We guarantee our work and in case your crown brakes, we will replace it with a new one provided you follow our instruction on the 5-year guarantee. 

In case the tooth is only partly damaged or visually unattractive on the surface, it can be improved with veneers. They are usually used when the tooth surface is uneven or partly broken due to an accident - so mostly for aesthetic reasons. You can read more about veneers here.


Ceramic fillings are used when the the tooth decay is large and cannot be replaced effectively by a classic filling.  There are 3 types of ceramic fillings -   inlay (replacing relatively small part), onlay (replacing large part), overlay (used for the back teeth - chewing surface). You can read more about possibilities how to change old unattractive fillings here.


The dental bridge is a prosthetic supplement which replaces one or more missing teeth. It is a replacement placed between the permanent teeth and serves as the bridge between teeth holding it. Your dentist will advice you if and where it is suitable to apply the dental bridge in order to keep your teeth functional. 

Dental implants are a special category. An implant is a tiny titanium screw and installation of this part has to be done by a specialist. It is a small surgery when this screw is fixed into the jaw in order to form a new root. This creates a stable and fully fixed base for your new tooth. When the implant is fully integrated in the bone the newly modeled dental crown can be screwed onto the titanium root. You can read more about the dental implants here.

The dentures are used less and less nowadays, mostly as an intermediate solution. Compared to fixed replacements they are less practical and also less durable. Dentists usually use them when implanting more implants or in complicated cases in order to help the patient go through the healing process - in order to have relatively good looking teeth during the recovery, before the final teeth, crowns or bridges are fixed. We distinguish between full and partial dentures. While partial dentures complete teeth arch, the full denture is replacing mouth which is withou all teeth. This denture consists of artificial teeth and a so called base covering jaw spur. In order to fix it, various cremes, glues or powders are used.


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